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The right story at the right time

Towards a tacit knowledge resource for (student) designers

W. Mike Martin, Ann Heylighen, Humberto Cavallin


In response to the lack of systematic study of architectural practice, the Building Stories methodology propounds storytelling as a vehicle for studying active cases, i.e., projects that are in the process of being designed and built. The story format provides a dense, compact way to deal with and communicate the complex reality of a real-world project, while respecting the interrelated nature of events, people and circumstances that shape its conception. With an eye to establishing a valuable knowledge resource of and for the profession, the paper explores how stories can be stored, organized and accessed so as to turn the growing story repository into a convenient instrument for students, educators and practitioners.

Martin, W M, Heylighen, A., & Cavallin, H. (2005). The right story at the right time. AI & Society, 19(1), 34–47.


Article: The right story at the right time

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